3 Monkeys Macaroons

Plus-sized coconut macaroons with a gourmet twist.

Go coco-nuts.


Welcome to 3 Monkeys Macaroons. I started making these coconut macaroons over the holidays -- looking for an interesting way to complete a delicious meal with an equally satisfying and gluten-free dessert. I started playing around with the recipe - first adding butterscotch to the chocolate chips - and it was a match made in macaroon heaven. My macaroons quickly became a requested staple at family and friend's events - regardless of the occasion - and I continued to toy with transforming the basic macaroon recipe into more elaborate renditions - each new flavor always being my favorite in the moment. I have always wanted to start a food brand - with a culinary school degree and a background in food writing - this felt like the perfect moment to bring something unique (and insanely yummy) to the dessert marketplace. I hope you love these as much as me + my 3 monkeys! Baked with love, Erica 

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